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Preparing for the Rugby World Cup

Getting you ready to watch, write about and translate the upcoming RWC 2023 in France

A bird's eye view of a rugby scrum.

With the Rugby World Cup just days away, I thought I’d pull together some resources that could be useful for translators and subtitle creators working on the sport, or indeed anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the game.

In a previous post, I outlined some examples of CPD for sports translators, and much of that applies, but in this post I’ll be looking at some more rugby-specific examples. I hope you find it useful!

Reading Material

What better way to pass the rest days than reading about both the action on the pitch and the sport in general?

A good starting point would be magazines/press, with publications such as The Rugby Paper and Rugby World magazine. You can probably pick up a copy of either in your local newsagents, but many libraries also offer free access to the digital copies.

If you’re looking for a longer read, I can recommend Paul Williams’ Rugby Has F***ing Laws, Not Rules for a fun exploration of the way the sport is refereed. Otherwise, there are plenty of books available with subjects ranging from specific players’ careers to classic tournaments of the past. Why not head to your local bookshop or library to have a browse of their sport section?

Finally, there will be a range of coverage available in media, traditional and otherwise, so it may be worth picking up the occasional newspaper or subscribing to alerts on your news app of choice in order to keep up to date with the tournament as it progresses.

(I’ll be trying to write at least the occasional article throughout the tournament on my Substack, should you wish to read even more of my thoughts!)

Social Media

As with every field of interest these days, if you know where to look, there is some incredible work being done on social media. From YouTube videos to Twitter (that’s what I’m calling it) threads, you can find passionate and knowledgeable rugby fans breaking down the biggest games and stories.

In particular, I’d recommend Squidge Rugby, whose YouTube videos are absolutely full to the brim of detailed analysis, presented in a highly entertaining manner.

Search your social media of choice for a few key terms or hashtags, and you’ll be sure to find content creators putting out great work throughout the tournament.


I’m a big fan of podcasts. They’re great because they’re so convenient and cover such a broad range of topics. It’s no surprise, then, that you can find plenty discussing rugby.

As with social media, I’d recommend searching for rugby in your provider of choice and listening to a handful. That way, you’ll get an idea for the ones you enjoy or find most informative.

I’ll be listening to Rugby Union Daily and Scrum V Rugby from the BBC, as well as the Official Rugby World Cup 2023 Podcast. There’s plenty more out there, and I’d like to recommend Squidge again for their World Cup Retrospective series that takes a look back at previous editions of the tournament, one match at a time.

Watch the Matches!

Of course, the best way to understand what’s going on in a sport is to watch the matches as they happen. Download or sync the match fixtures to your own calendar so you can keep time clear to follow all the action in France!

So, all that’s left to say is enjoy the World Cup!

Oll an gwella,


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