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Hello! My name is Chris. I'm a professional freelance translator based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

I have four years' experience as a translator as well as a Master's Degree in Translation & Interpreting Studies and a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and Arabic, both from the University of Manchester. During my studies, I undertook specialist training including Translation for International Organisations and Audiovisual Translation.

I have lived in the UK, Cuba, and Jordan, allowing me to develop a good understanding of the languages spoken in each country, as well as their individual cultures. I am currently based in the UK, however I enjoy taking the chance to visit countries where my source languages are spoken, as well as engaging with the multilingual community in the city of Manchester.


My areas of expertise include sport, audiovisual translation (subtitling) and language services for international organisations, and I work from Spanish, Catalan and Arabic into English.


I am particularly interested in football and rugby, and have a deep understanding of the terminology and nuances of these sports. Like any field, sports have their own unique languages. My in-depth knowledge of the terminology, as well as the culture and history surrounding these sports, allows me to provide accurate translations that suit a sporting audience.


As an audiovisual translator, I have experience subtitling films, documentaries, and television series, ensuring that the subtitles provide the best experience for your viewers and, if translated, maintain the essence of your content.


I am also well-versed in the language used by international organisations, having previously worked in the political sector and, more recently, translated documents and reports for various national and international institutions.

I am committed to providing my clients with a reliable service, maintaining a high level of communication and delivering translations that exceed expectations. You can read about some of my projects and feedback provided by clients below.

 Thanks very much for visiting my website. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential translation, transcription or subtitling project, please do not hesitate to get in touch using any of the details in the Contacts section.


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Spanish to English Translation on the Theme of Animal Welfare

Penhaligon's Friends

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for Charity

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