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2021 for C Drew Language Solutions

"Happy New Year!" is written in Spanish, Catalan, Cornish, and English. There are two firework-like bursts of colour in the corners.

What did I get up to in 2021?

I thought I'd make more of an effort to stay connected online in 2022, and what better way to start than by taking a look back at 2021 for C Drew Language Solutions?

So, in no particular order, in 2021 I...

◾ Translated, transcribed, proofread, and created subtitles for a variety of sporting events, most notably UEFA EURO2020 (No, they didn't change the name, despite the year)

◾ Translated and transcribed a lot of content from major international non-governmental organisations, ranging from investigative interviews to policy documents.

◾ Started working with three new clients to create English subtitles for Spanish language video content, including some really interesting factual shorts about sustainable farming, homophobia in sport and the culture of Fuerteventura.

◾ Virtually attended APTRAD's first International Audiovisual Translation Conference, learning plenty from colleagues in the field - hopefully I'll make it over to Portugal for the next one!

◾ Finally attended my first in-person event with the North West Translators' Network in Manchester.

◾ Spoke to Dot Roberts for her Meet the Translator podcast for the second time, on this occasion discussing my love for sports and the work I do in that field (or should I say on that pitch?)

◾ Had a lot of fun coming up with creative subtitles for the Another Goddamn Fangirl podcast.

I'm sure I've forgotten plenty but, despite the pandemic, it seems I did have a pretty busy year in the end.

I hope everyone else managed to get through the past 12 months well, and here's to an even more successful 2022!

Oll an gwella,


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