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What's to come in 2022?

Last week, I had a look back over my business in 2021, and this week I thought I'd think about some of the things I would like to do in 2022.

These aren't necessarily goals or resolutions, but I thought it could help to write them down to help provide a bit of inspiration to myself over the year and give further examples of what I can do to any potential clients.

Without further ado, here are a few of the things I would be happy to have done by the end of December:

⚽ More sport - I already translate/transcribe/subtitle quite a lot of sport-related content, but I'd be especially happy to expand my work in this area. So far, I have mainly worked on football and rugby projects, but away from my work I enjoy pretty much every sport and I'd be glad to add some more to my portfolio. I'd also like to find more written content to work with in this field, as much as I enjoy audiovisual work, just to help keep things varied.

📖 Longer projects - I have had some medium/long-term projects over the past couple of years and it would be great to take a couple on in 2022. As I discussed with Dot Roberts on the Meet the Translator podcast, I would especially enjoy taking my experience in sports translation to a book.

🎨 Creative work - I had a lot of fun producing creative subtitles for a podcast's social media accounts last year, learning how to implement a lot of interesting, non-standard formats in subtitles, with the chance to add humour and character through my own words. This kind of work definitely takes longer than the usual subtitling, but it is an enjoyable challenge I'd be happy to take on again in 2022.

👨‍🏫 CPD - The ever-important continuing professional development. This year I'm hoping to learn plenty from other language professionals, preferably at in-person events, and to take a course or two. I've not yet decided exactly what sort of course I should be focusing on, but that should become clear in due time.

These 'goals' are very deliberately not SMART, but all being well, I'll be able to look back this time next year and be happy to tick off at least a few of them.

Oll an gwella,


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